Yoga Basics Workshop 21st April 2018 9:30-13:00

You would like to start practicing yoga but you are not sure if you could join a group class or maybe you already practice yoga but you feel that something’s missing.

This yoga basics workshop gives you an introduction into yoga. We will learn a little bit of philosophy but the main focus will be on the asanas and breathing techniques.

A short grounding will help you to arrive at your mat and be open to absorb the new knowledge, to see things from another perspective. Then we will learn how to link your movement to your breath, how your breath helps you to go in and out of the asanas.

The main focus of the workshop will be on the fundamental yoga poses. A lot of adjustment and tactile learning exercises will help you to get familiar with them. We will discuss the benefits, contraindications and variations of the asanas as well.

After the asana break-down session we will have a 30-minute flow.

We will close the workshop with  a 10-minute relaxation.

Number of participants: min. 4 – max. 12

Price: 110 CHF The price includes the printed materials as well.

Sign-up in e-mail ( till 14th April.